Funny Necktie skirts
Heuptas met studs
Hip bags with belt buckle
Zwarte heuptas met klikgesp
Hip bags wih click buckle
heuptas met waterflesvak
Hip bags with bottle pocket
heuptas met afneembare beengesp
Hip bags with leg strap

Handmade Hip bags - Shipping within 3 days for 5 euro every order

  • * Everything I make myself
  • * Do you want it a bit different, or do you have a question about a product, Whatsapp me
  • * Super handy bags
  • * In all colors
  • * In all sizes
  • * Made with extra care, good materials and high quality
  • * I use where possible organic cotton and recycled fabrics
  • * Small changes are for free
  • * Fast shipping, are you in a hurry, let me know
  • * Changing or returns are no problem
  • * You can also find me on Etsy en Facebook
  • * Do you have a question, take a look at "CONTACT"
  • * Do you want to konow more about sizes, take a look at "SIZE"
Heuptasje, gemaakt van een oude spijkerbroek
Recycled Jeans Bags
eenhoorn heuptas
Kids hip bag
Handy small bags
heuptas met drukknopen
Hip bags with snap buttons
Rokje van rode kant en soepelvallende stof
Skirts for dancing


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